A Landscaper’s Guide To Artificial Grass

Be sure all edges are held securely to prevent falling hazards. If it’s been raining and the soil has soaked and you are about to dig it up, wait for it to dry out, since digging in the wet soil can result in it sagging. After you have removed the topsoil through digging, you should try leveling the soil using a tamp or walk across the soil. Learn more about San Clemente artificial turf installer

Roll Your Turf Back In

With the assistance of a second person, carefully place the artificial turf on the base you’ve laid. Don’t drag the grass over the base since the smooth surface might be damaged.

Thinking about how you can make use of artificial grass in your garden could cause you to think about your whole landscaping. What about putting in flowers in a flower bed or walkways made of paver stones.

Installing And Trimming

Due to the versatility of Envirofill It’s now the most popular synthetic turf option for landscaping applications. Additionally, it offers benefits to health and safety for pets, humans and playgrounds. It is possible to make sure your seam is secured using nails and sod staples, or by using glue and seaming tape. Utilizing sod staples and nails is quicker and less expensive, whereas using glue or seaming tape are more expensive , however this method is more sturdy.

Hire a professional for installation for the best results from the new grass. Artificial grass may feel rigid, but some blade designs and turf materials are less stiff than other types. While the synthetic turf material is composed from plastic, it’s not recyclable. In between 10 and 25 years the turf can fill up the landfill. Gas-powered tools such as string trimmers and lawn mowers release carbon dioxide into the air. Artificial turf doesn’t cause the pollution because artificial grass doesn’t need the maintenance of trimming. Before you decide to invest in green that will last all year, you should consider whether synthetic turf might be suitable for your property and you.


Compaction–compaction is accomplished by vibrating, tamping, and rolling the gravel. This creates a firm base for nails and install the turf. Grading or leveling is possible during this process. If you’re interested, take a look at this short background on artificial grass. After the sides are removed, it is possible to either glue the edges or put it down if you have a deck made of wood. If you want to join two sections of grass using joining tape, you can use fake grass tape. First, figure out the kind of turf you’ve got on your patio.

There’s nothing as relaxing and comfortable as the convenience of a properly-managed synthetic turf yard. With little upkeep and unbeatable cleanliness It’s an investment that can increase its curb appeal and quality of life and pleasure of your house. Defibrillation can be thought of as its counterpart in medical-intense. Choose a broom with a power source specially designed specifically for synthetic turf. There are other brooms you can use but they’ll take longer to complete and will produce an unsatisfactory result.

A lot of people are tricked into buying sand with sharp edges because of its price, however, you must avoid it by using limestone or decomposed granite in place. In the end, rubber-sand infill can be used to get rid of the stiff feel of the rubber-focused infill. It gives it a more soft texture due to the combination with sand. They are deep beneath the soil, which is why, in the earlier step, we suggested digging out 3 to 4 inches worth of ground. The most efficient method of measuring the shape of a lawn is to divide the lawn by two sections. If your x-axis’s leg doesn’t break down equally into 15-foot lengths, make sure to add an additional piece of grass to fill in the rest. For each 15-foot length determine the length of this strip will need to be by determining where the hypotenuse of the triangle meets the y-axis.

There ought to be markings on the side of the turf that indicate the direction. Anthony “TC” Williams is a Professional Landscaper in Idaho. He is the President and Founder of Aqua Conservation Landscape & Irrigation, an Idaho Registered Landscape Business Entity. With more than 21 years of experience in landscaping, TC has worked on projects like The Idaho Botanical Garden located in Boise, Idaho.

Smooth out the layer with a rake , and repeat it until half the blade’s length is covered with the material. You can lay two grass strips together and fold them back and place the seaming material made of artificial turf on the base.