Add Some Color to Your Lips and Make Your Own Lip Balm

Bet you failed to recognize that some thing as risk free as lip balm may be risky. Well, under positive instances it is able to.

For example, whether or not you make your very own product or buy a business version, lip balm can be:

A site visitors danger in case you take your palms off the guidance wheel to use it. We call this DWLB or using while lip balming.
Addictive to positive character types and below a few conditions.
An Allergen
Hazard 1 – DWLB

The first threat needs little explanation. We strongly suggest pulling the automobile off the aspect of the road earlier than fishing your balm out of a purse, glove compartment or console. During this time, your eyes may additionally wander faraway from the road leading to a mishap (cops can be slender-minded about such things). If your balm is in a tin or small bottle, your hands will probably be off the steering wheel as you cast off the cap and dip your finger into the balm. An unattended steerage wheel whilst a car is in motion is a absolutely bad idea.

Hazard 2 – Addiction

The 2d risk calls for extra clarification. Though the substances in lip balms are non-addictive, they could lead to emotional addictions. Here’s the manner it really works.

Compulsive Behavior

If you tend closer to compulsive behavior, the frequent and repeated use of a lip balm can lead you closer to the compulsive urge to use it again and again again without end. This is an effortlessly avoided entice. Use balm only while your lips are dry or chapped and stop use as soon as the situation is remedied. If you are making your very own lip balm, you may add essential oils with flavors on the way to discourage licking.

Excessive Licking

Even if you do not tend towards compulsive behavior, if the balm has a tendency to make you need to lick your lips, you may lick it off quickly and the added moisture can reason your lips to be irritated and chapped. That creates the want for more balm which results in more licking. This can turn out to be a vicious circle.

Also, in case you are not used VISIT to having some thing on your lips, the tendency is to lick off the offending alien substance. It will require vigilance to recognize you’re making a snack from your balm. Since lip balm is for your lips and now not your stomach, you have to keep that tongue of yours off your lips. To help, you may want to don’t forget the usage of a flavorless balm versus say, a cherry flavored product. Instead, make your own lip balm and do as I recommend above, add a taste you are now not keen on tasting. Don’t make it too unsightly or you’ll become stricken by dry lips in preference to the use of your balm.

Both of the above examples can lead you to assume the components in lip balm are addictive. However, it’s no longer the ingredients in the balm which are addictive, but the self-created need to constantly lick your lips.

Hazard 3 – Allergies

There is constantly the slender hazard you will be allergic to at least one or greater of the substances in lip balm. If you already know what you are allergic to, read the label carefully and make sure that the balm you choose does not comprise that allergen. If you find yourself reacting to one or more of the ingredients in the lip balm, discontinue its use. If you tend in the direction of allergies, make your personal lip balm then you definitely have one hundred% control of the ingredients.

Dangers Unrelated to Lip Balm, But Important to Know

Keep in thoughts that your lips are very gentle and can be angry easily whilst the climate is sincerely dry, you lick your lips too frequently, and/or you use a product that damages them. Some medicinal drugs which include Accutane (WebMD) can also have a bad effect on the health of your lips. Dehydration can also reason your lips to crack as can exfoliating materials (assume salt). Some lip gloss elements used to plump lips inclusive of Capsaicin (a substance made from warm pepper) can also worsen your lips. There are positive scientific conditions and nutritional deficiencies that can negatively affect your lips. Fortunately, maximum conditions of the lips can easily be dealt with with a very good first-class balm. If you make your own lip balm, you may be absolutely confident of its first-class.