Cleaning Your Clogged Drain the Natural Way

If you’ve never looked at an ingredient list in a bottle of chemical cleaner for drains, then you understand why people are searching for an alternative method to clean their drains. The chemicals inside these containers are filled with poisons that are harmful and corrosion agents. Chemicals such as sulfuric acid are highly destructive and are some of the most widely employed products in the marketplace. Even the fumes produced by certain ingredients can cause harm. They also cause harm to PVC pipes, which can cause many more problems down the line. There are other methods to clean your pipes, which are less costly and natural as well as eco-friendlydrain repair Toronto.

Below are a few simple methods to naturally clean your drains.

To stop the drains from shutting off each week or two weeks, give your drains an ice bath! Bring up a gallon drinking water using a kettle or an oven. Be sure that it is at the point of boiling, then slowly pour the water into the drain. Small amounts of water should be poured 30 minutes apart. This will help keep any debris, or grease like hair from accumulating.

A good old-fashioned “elbow grease” may be all you need. Get your “tried and true” plunger. The suction that is created by the plunger’s action over the drain may be the only thing needed to get rid of the obstruction that is slowing the water’s drainage.

If the water is draining but it is taking a long time, attempt pouring one cup baking soda down the drain. after that, boil three cups of water, then put it in the drain. This boiling process makes the baking soda alkaline, and therefore stronger to penetrate the obstruction.

One of the best recognized naturally-made drain cleaning products is baking soda and vinegar mixture. In the beginning, add a half cup baking soda in the drain of your sink. Follow this up with a half cup white vinegar. This mixture is only to be used if there’s absolutely no reason to utilize any of the chemical drain cleaners. Utilizing commercial cleaners when combined with vinegar and baking soda mixture may result in a negative chemical reaction. Baking soda in combination with vinegar is so powerful that it dissolves hair grease, tiny clumps of food hindering the drainage. After you have poured the vinegar, give it an additional boost by pouring in a couple of glasses of hot water in order to wash out the debris that has been loosen. If the drain seems to be especially difficult, it could aid in heating the vinegar prior to pouring it into the drain.

If the drain is blockage to the extent where the water isn’t draining all, then you can try placing a cup of washing soda into the water over the drain. It must be left for a while so that it can get through and consume the blockage. You can follow this up with baking soda vinegar mixture as described above to clear the blockage throughout the pipelines and away from the. But, as washing soda has higher alkalinity level than baking soda There are a few points you should keep in mind. The first is to be careful not to use too much of this method because the higher pH could harm PVC pipes if it is used frequently. Second, never use a commercial chemical drain cleaner. Combining it with washing soda can cause a severe reaction.

If you are experiencing slow drain, the most effective solution is to take preventative actions to ensure that your drains clean on a regular basis using one of the less effective natural techniques. There are alternatives to chemical methods, such as plumbing snakes. If these natural remedies are not able to solve the problem seek out an authorized plumber.

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