Electric Door Systems – Remote Controls

You ‘ve got to admit, the remote control has got to be one of the coolest inventions ever. Nowadays, those times when you had to walk to the TV every time you wanted to change the channel seem to belong to anther dimension. The remote control has become indispensable, and it ‘s hard to imagine life without it: you control your TV without moving an inch, you control your stereo, DVD player, even the ceiling fan – all with a simple touch of a button. We all love remote controls, but how do these devices work?

All remote controls, e it a television, DVD or rolling code transmitter other type, emit a signal from a diode similar to a LED. The wavelength emitted by a diode depends on the change in energy when an electron combines with a positively charged ion. Remote control devices use silicon diodes, in which the energy change is less that that of a light-emitting diode. Diodes made of silicon emit radiation in infrared wavelengths.

You can ‘t see the radiation because it ‘s in infrared range, however the receiver in the television set does. Still, if you stand in front of the receiver, or place something between the remote and the receiver, you will block the signal and will not work. Also, there is always infrared light around, so the set has to recognize the series of flashes sent by the remote. A digital signal can be sent by switching back and forth between two frequencies. Part of the signal is set to identify the correct device, allowing one remote to control several pieces of equipment, while another part of the signal defines the desired action.

There ‘s no doubt that technology has evolved amazingly, and it focused more and more on facilitating every process and making it less time-consuming. And among all the great inventions and all the complicated processes, between microwave ovens and innovative devices, the remote control holds its special place in the every day life of the modern individual.