Games to Play When Bored Online

Being bored online is a very common thing, especially with the internet’s infinite selection of exciting and varied experiences. While the sheer amount of available content can make it difficult to find the perfect time sink, some research can help you decide on the best games to play when bored online. This list is sure to contain something for every taste and skill level. Just remember to keep an open mind when looking for a game! Listed below are a few suggestions:

Perfect Tower 2

In the age of the internet, being bored on the internet is a common occurrence. With millions of interesting experiences to choose from, finding the right time sink can be challenging. However, with a little research, you should be able to find a few great games to play when bored online. This list should have something for everyone. If you’re looking for an idle game that’s a lot of fun, you should try Perfect Tower 2.

Gold Panic

If you’re looking for Gold Panic games to play when bored online, you’ve come to the right place. These free puzzle games can be Pragmatic Play in your browser and will test your efficiency and analytical skills. In Gold Panic, you have to help a gold miner load his car by making openings for the gold to fall through. You’ll have to solve puzzles and avoid obstacles to complete the levels.


The game of UNO! is a timeless classic, and its action cards have sparked a lot of controversy. These action cards can change the game in a flash, and add another layer of strategy to the game. While some decks clearly indicate which cards are special, others do not. The question of how to determine which cards are special is a debate that has raged for 48 years. And, it’s important to note that the cards are not included in the physical rulebook or errata.

Crash Planning

If you are bored and want to kill a few minutes, you can try out Crash Planning. This puzzle game has the same basic concept as a regular Office Excel sheet, where you have to swap similar colored boxes to create a set of three or more. As you remove blocks from the board, you score points. You have limited time to complete each level, so you can play Crash Planning even when you’re at work. You can also pause the game and look away if you are watching someone else play.

Cookie Clicker

If you have time to kill when you are bored, consider playing a game like Cookie Clicker. This idle game allows players to trade in their cookies for power-ups and other items that will make their lives easier. In addition to purchasing upgrades, you can also unlock new buildings and other items. As you unlock new buildings and upgrades, your cookies will become larger and bigger. As you play, you can also use these cookies to improve the buildings in your city.

Word puzzles

Several online puzzle games offer the opportunity to kill time while still being productive. Wordscapes is one such game, and it’s free to play. Players swipe to connect letters and words to create words that fit a crossword. This game also offers shuffles, which adds to its appeal. Regardless of your preferred platform, you’re sure to find a great puzzle game to play when bored online.


Helicopter games to play when bored online combine a fast-paced, action-packed gameplay experience with easy accessibility. Whether you’re looking to rescue a hostage from a terrorist attack or save the day from a doomed planet, this addictive game is a surefire winner. As the chopper takes on ever increasing levels of difficulty, you’ll need to keep your wits about you to beat your own high score.