How to Decorate Your Instagram Office

Instagram has its own style and aesthetic, and the offices are no exception. The office decor is as minimalist as its company ethos, and its founder, Kevin Systrom, has said so himself. He did not want to see sagging birthday balloons and cardboard boxes for filing papers. He said he wanted the Instagram office to embody the company’s ethos and be clean and pristine. Now, how do you change your Instagram look?

Take a Break feature

A new Instagram feature called Take a Break is a way to take a break from the social media platform. The company is testing this feature in various countries and has confirmed that it is now available for iOS users. It will roll out to Android users in the future. If you have ever wondered how Instagram can help you unplug, the answer is that it has been found to be quite helpful in reducing stress. But is it really as good as Instagram is making it out to be?

‘Close friends’ list

Using the Close friends’ list on Instagram is a powerful way to curate your Insta experience. The first step is figuring out who you want to add to your list. Then, you can share special content with them. For example, a photographer can share exclusive tips and tutorials with her followers. Another example is adding an influencer to her Close Friends list. This makes her more connected to her brand and her audience.

‘New Posts’ button

The ‘New Posts’ button on Instagram is a recent feature that will enhance the user experience on the app. Instagram has been testing this new button on a small group of users, but it’s unclear when it will be fully launched. Instagram users can still add GIF stickers to their photos and videos. The “New Posts” button is currently being tested in select countries. Users who are interested in this feature can sign up for the beta version.

‘Profile tab’

The ‘Profile tab’ is a popular feature on Instagram. In this tab, you can see who follows you, your followers, and your stories. It also allows you to view who has viewed your images and videos. If you’re not sure what this tab is for, keep reading to learn more about it. Listed below are some tips to help you find your way around it. Hopefully, these tips will help you use Instagram to its full potential.

‘Recent posts’

Instagram has changed the way it presents your recent posts. Previously, your feed would be in reverse chronological order, but the algorithm changed in mid-2016. Now, posts are sorted by their publication date and time, but you can still choose who to see them. The new algorithm has been criticized by some, but many people are happy with the change. It gives users a better idea of what is popular. You’ll no longer have to scroll through a large amount of content to find what you want to see.

‘Recently viewed’

If you’re new to Instagram, you might be wondering how to find out how many people have recently viewed your posts. If so, you should know that there’s no official way to do it, but some users report that you can find out if a user has viewed their profile recently. Alternatively, you can check the “following” tab on your profile to see if that user was recently viewed.

‘Recently tagged’

Previously, you could only find Instagram posts tagged with a specific hashtag by searching the hashtag, but that’s not the case anymore. You can now find all posts tagged with a certain hashtag by scrolling down your feed or by tapping the recently tagged button. Instagram has also introduced new tags, which are intended to give creators more credit for their posts. However, before you can use the new tags, you should first understand how to use the older ones.

‘Recently posted’

Recently, Instagram began showing users a way to see who has viewed their latest photos, videos, and stories. This feature, known as “recent”, informs people who see the update that something has recently been posted or is new. While it may seem like a trivial change, recent posts can be useful for preventing photos and videos from being lost. To combat this issue, the social networking site has temporarily disabled the feature.