How to produce Stir Fry Singapore Noodles

Who doesn’t love a good stir fry?

If you’re looking for affordable and cheerful, rapid foodstuff, Singapore Noodles is an ideal stir fry and very easy to generate.

As is generally the situation with Asian cooking, the planning will take one of the most time. The stir fry component is completed in minutes.

I used to be taught the reliable method to stir fry Singapore Noodles by a best cafe chef throughout my vacation to Singapore. This is a wonderfully visual and exciting How to whisk without a whisk dish to cook before family and friends, when you need to showcase your culinary ability and This is why…

While using the planning out the way, the initial step is pouring properly-overwhelmed eggs into a sizzling sizzling wok. The response is prompt – a huge, puffball of egg souffle rises dramatically within the wok then quickly deflates while you stir fry and beat it down.

The exhilaration proceeds with hot, sizzling, sounds because the remaining ingredients hit the wok and they are stir fried into the combine. Then there’s the unbelievably fragrant aroma which guarantees to get your taste buds going. The scent originates from the spices typically Utilized in Indian curry bringing an intriguing blend of unique flavours towards the occasion. Prior to deciding to understand it, you might be rewarded by using a steaming bowl of Singapore Noodles so unbelievably great, it’s not possible never to gulp them down greedily or resist next helpings.

One of several vital factors to success using this type of stir fry is working with rice noodles. Get the thin, vermicelli sort. Rice noodles tend to be finer and lighter than egg noodles that are much too large and will spoil the general harmony of this delicately spiced dish.

One other crucial ingredient which provides towards the authenticity is using a fragrant curry powder. A tablespoonful is all you’ll need but it works like magic in turning this dish right into a mini masterpiece.

If you would like go indigenous, you are able to marinate the pork beforehand in a simple char su sauce before you stir fry.

Char su sauce surely provides depth to the overall flavor, but is just not Unquestionably very important for the end result. The place the meat is worried there are no short and quick guidelines, you could stir fry rooster, it works just and pork, but whatever the circumstance, the meat has to be cooked initially, so When you have any leftovers through the day right before here is the right dish to use them in.

One particular last level, the quantities I’m supplying you with Here i will discuss for two if not three generous portions, double up for anyone who is feeding excess and bare in your mind any leftovers will however taste awesome the next day possibly sizzling or chilly.

Singapore Noodles

Serves: two-three generous portions

Preparing & Cooking Time:half an hour

Effort Level: Uncomplicated

Shelf Lifestyle: two days during the fridge


-150g cooked prawns

-150g cooked hen breast or pork loin – simply click for char su marinade

-150g white cabbage or Chinese cabbage

-150g rice vermicelli noodles

-150g bean sprouts

-4 tbsp sunflower oil

-2 tbsp light-weight soy sauce

-one scant tbsp homemade fragrant curry powder or garam masala

-four garlic cloves

-two eggs


-Wok or extensive deep frying pan

-Chopping board and sharp knife

-Small bowl and whisk

-2 forks


N.B: Home made fragrant curry powder can make all the difference. Failing that use garam masala, but it will never flavor nearly as good.

Here is That which you Do:

-Pour boiling h2o more than the noodles and leave to soak for six minutes, until finally softened but nonetheless al dente. Drain and set aside.

-Incredibly finely slice the onion and cabbage and finely chop the garlic and set all of them aside.

-Cut the cooked pork into thin strips and put with the prawns and beansprouts.

-Defeat the eggs totally by using a whisk for two or three minutes, incorporating as much air as you can.