Learn How to Order Vegetarian Food in Spain

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Spain is one of the most favorable travel destinations that has splendid number of attractions and sites and can attract just about any visitor. The country known for its rich history, culture, diversity, coasts, food, wines, nature, festivals, bullfighting and hospitality is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The country has an ending coastline, small but well preserved medieval towns, white washed villages, modern urban centers and a developed metropolis life as well.

Air Travel
Air Iberia is Spain’s national airline and has more spain hotel direct flights in Spain than any other air travel company. Air Iberia has a number of nonstop services for major Spanish cities and travelers from throughout the continent of United States can avail nonstop services.

Entry Requirements
All international travelers require a valid passport for entry to Spain. The passport that they carry should be valid for a minimum of three months before the date of travel to Spain. Residents of Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom do not require this first day up to 90 days.

U.S. residents can participate in business-related activities or tourism for the ration of three months of their stay in Spain. For those who wish to extend their travel time in Spain who, need to apply visa so that they can remain in the country without facing any legal problems.

Spring and fall are two most important seasons when people from all over the world travel to Spain. The weather during these two seasons is extremely comfortable and the crowds are also manageable. For the months between May and October, the Spain happens to the least crowded and it is the best time when you can shop around and get deals and promotion that are of true worth.

Castilian Spanish or Castellano is Spain’s official language and international travelers may learn a few phrases and words in this language so that it helps in communication. In major cities it is easy to locate non-Spanish speakers also. Most of the shop owners and servers in restaurants also know English.