Looking For The Sudoku Cube


Sudoku has become an increasing popular game and its popularity is becoming world wide. In addition to the conventional Sudoku puzzle cube games there are now other options such as the Jigsaw Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku and now there is the Sudoku cube. The Sudoku cube offers the same excitement and fun as a written Sudoku but it is portability means you can take it anywhere. There are a few companies that you should visit if you are interested in purchasing one.

Games Paradise

One option is the Games Paradise Company. This company offers the Sudoku Cube at reasonable prices as well as some of your old favorites such as the Rubik’s cube, brain teaser puzzles, Kaleidoscope puzzles and many more games to get the mind going.

Mastermind Toys

One of the best companies for Sudoku cubes is Mastermind Toys. Their Sudoku cube is like a blast from the past but with an innovative twist, the cube combines the intellectual logical challenge of Sudoku with the dexterity and skill of a puzzle cube. The cube is great for both beginners and experts alike, and it will provide you with endless hours of entertainment and fun. The cube comes with a booklet with puzzles and information on how to solve your puzzle.


Amazon is one of the largest online stores, largely due to its movie retailing and books, but they also offer a large variety of other items, including Sudoku cubes. With 18 different puzzles to solve simultaneously as well as playing colored Sudoku you will never be bored for another Sudoku game. There are six puzzles vertical across three sides, six horizontal across three sides and six regional – one on each side. Their cubes present billions of potential scenarios with only one answer,

The game of Sudoku has fast become one of the most widely popular and played games, testing the mind in logic. There are many ways in which you can enjoy the game of Sudoku, whether it is by a game board, a Sudoku written puzzles similar to a crossword or in a cube

Hours of endless fun and enjoyment can be obtained when buying yourself a Sudoku cube, it will become one of your all time favorite games. And remember that if you are ever stuck on a Sudoku puzzle need tips or advise there are countless of different forums, chat rooms and even Sudoku classes that you can check out.