Online Dating and Relationships: Keep It Fun with Sweet Gifts

Do you want your online relationships work? You want your online relationships to work? We were talking at our Think Tank online. We were trying to find ways that people could make long-distance relationships shine online. Let me tell you what we came up.trial separation checklist

You must first let them know that you are serious about your online relationship. It is important to not leave more than one day without responding to an email. To keep their interest, reply immediately to any text messages they send. To make it work, you must give it all your attention. You can reward yourself if you procrastinate in your relationship by emailing and texting.

Our think tank recommends dark chocolate. You can eat half a bar of dark chocolate for every email. You can fine your partner if they neglect to reply to your emails or fail to return them in acceptable circumstances. You will tell your partner you love them and reward them with 1/2 a dark chocolate bar for each reply or return to their email. Set a time limit such as 24 hours. Keep track of their achievements and send them a small box containing chocolate bars.

This builds trust and confidence in your relationship. However, you must be committed to following through with the chocolate reward and prize or your reputation will suffer! Why chocolate? This will work, trust us.

A fascinating study actually was done that used incentives to encourage people to walk for at least 15 minutes each day. They would reward those who reached the halfway point. They were able to get people to walk almost a mile in 7 minutes. They used milk chocolate in this situation. Although many people declined the offer, when they offered dark chocolate at 7 minutes, more people were willing to accept it.