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365 DAYS OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES – Marianne Williamson

Sometimes you need help finding a parking spot close to the store since you hurt yourself and walking is painful, so ask your angels for help – ask for a miracle even if it seems trivial. Or perhaps you need to find something in the store that’s perfect for what you want and really inexpensive. This happened in my life. I had allotted 2 hours to shop for a gown for one of my daughter’s wedding. It could only be certain colors, had to be long and as inexpensive as I could find (since it would only be worn once most likely) – I set my intention for this before I left home. I walked into every store that sold gowns in that mall and even tried some on, but couldn’t find anything I liked that was in the price range I had set for my budget. But just as I was leaving the last store I noticed a rack of gowns outside the sportswear department. Who would have thought long formal gowns would be here, and they were clearance at that. I found three I liked in my size and one was a perfect fit and color. Not only that, it had been marked down 80%! Coincidence? No way! I checked the time and had 10 minutes to spare from my original 2 hour shopping time allotment. I still marvel over happenings like this in my life – that I found a dress within the 2 hours and that it was the perfect color and fit, and the price was better than I expected. I totally believe in miracles!

What have you experienced in your life that has no logical acim explanation for how it could be? Perhaps you never thought of them as miracles… maybe you explained them as luck or coincidence. They were miracles since coincidence just doesn’t happen. And all miracles are divinely orchestrated. Perhaps it was as simple as a change of plans that felt like an inconvenience yet allowed you to meet someone new who becomes a friend or client. Or maybe you expected several clients that day and all canceled their appointment for various reasons, which gave you an unexpected day to accomplish something else that made you feel really good. Or one time you were driving on the expressway and completely missed your exit. You were fuming because it was making you backtrack, yet while backtracking, you found a wonderful store or restaurant you didn’t know existed but were glad to find.

Pay attention! Miracles abound around you every day if you simply open your eyes to them. The happenings that may seem as if they are messing things up for you often become gifts in seeing something new, most likely miracles. Ask the angels to help you see the miracles in your life clearly. It will make each day exciting as you anticipate the gifts, blessings and miracles that will abound. And don’t forget to say “Thank you” for every one you receive.

Dear friends, believe in miracles because, like GK Chesterton says, “The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.” My wish is that you experience multitudes of miracles every day of your life beginning right now!

Miracles happen! They present themselves to us in unbelievable ways many times, but often we overlook things that are truly miracles because we’re too busy living life. Take time to notice them in your life and be sure to say ‘Thank you” for them. I believe the angels deliver these to us and are sent from God, and they are always wonderful blessings in our life, whether they are big ones or small ones. Look around you. Pay attention, and you will experience miracles!