Press Release: Patchworks Announces New Integration between Netsuite and Mirakl

London – 8 July – Patchworks are excited to announce that they have signed a deal to build a new integration between Mirakl and Netsuite systems. The new integration will allow brands to have a more holistic view of their stock, sales and refunds. Allowing the two systems to pass data to each other.

Brands who operate business models selling via online marketplaces, such as Secret Sales, third-party retailers and direct to the consumer, will find this integration particularly helpful, as stock levels can be uncertain and quickly change, especially ipaas provider  during busy times.

Working between various systems and marketplaces can be challenging and labour intensive when monitoring stock levels, fulfilling orders and continuing to provide high quality customer service. However, a Patchworks integration enables the systems to sync within seconds, and reduces the margin of error.

David Wiltshire, Founder and CEO of Patchworks said: “Enabling systems to speak to each other is perfect for brands who are looking to develop their sales strategy and move into other online marketplaces and this integration is especially exciting. We are excited to be able to work with these forward thinking brands and ensure they get the best possible service, supporting them every step of their journey.”

Patchworks offer hundreds of combinations of integrations between various systems. If you want to find out more about Patchworks and how we can support your business speak to us today.