The public authority needs your super’: How Dominique Grubisa sells her products


A main Australian property spruiker cautioned her imminent customers that COVID-19 implied the government may   Dominique Grubisa to take their superannuation, however guaranteed she could “impenetrable” their resources forever.

The cases made by Sydney-based legal advisor Dominique Grubisa were recorded during an online course conveyed at the stature of Covid vulnerability in April when she was advancing her “Lord Wealth Control” resource insurance item.

Dominique Grubisa selling her get-affluent plans.

Dominique Grubisa selling her get-well off plans.

The chronicles give an understanding into the techniques the charming spruiker uses to impart certainty and construct compatibility with her crowd.

“In the event that you have superannuation, you need to secure that at this point. The current laws say that is as of now ensured. However, in a get for cash and a period of emergency like this where the public authority is supporting the entire country for an inconclusive period, that is a major pool of cash that is available for anyone and they have the ability to establish laws to take that. We need to ensure it now,” Ms Grubisa said.

Nobody in the government has at any point verbally expressed about removing superannuation from individuals to pay for COVID-19 help or whatever else.