Types of Tumbler Locks

In the world , there are many varieties of tumbler locks available in various sizes and shapes that operate in various ways. The three basic types of tumbler locks include the lever disc, pin, and lever but there’s also an interchangeable core lock, as well as the tubular lock, which is also known as the tubular key lock.

Although there are locks with lever tumblers that can be found on safe deposit boxes at banks generally, the lever tumbler can be seen in a wide range of items with lower security such as mail boxes baggage, basic file cabinets as well as toys for children. If they are employed in institutions like banks, they are specifically designed for these types of high-security cabinet lock manufacturers.

The medium-level of security, the lock is secured by a disc tumbler. These are typically found in things like doors and glove compartments in various automobiles, desks, and filing cabinets. Because this lock can be extremely difficult to pick, it is sometimes sold as a security lock with a high level of security. Invented in 1907, and manufactured by Abloy the lock is also referred to by the name of Abloy lock or in different regions of the world, called the wafer tumbler however, unlike a pin tumbler and pin tumbler locks the disc tumbler doesn’t make use of springs.

The highest level in security are pin tumblers. Most house locks and high-security padlocks utilize pin tumbler cylinders, as are many locks used in prisons along with some vehicle ignition and door locks also utilize pin tumblers. First patents for the pin tumbler with a cylindrical design was granted in 1848, and is extremely similar to the ones currently in use!

It is also known as interchangeable. (or the interchangeable core) is available in many kinds of locks, including key-in knob(s) deadbolt, padlocks, desk locks mortise lock, and cabinet locks. The typical interchangeable core lock feature is a figure eight core which is encased by the springs and tumblers. All locks that have an interchangeable core are master keyed or have the same key as the master lock.

Another type of tumbler that is believed to be to be quite unique in the world of locksmiths called”the tubular” key (tubular). They are, because of their unique shape and appearance and design, more difficult to identify or defuse than the normal pin tumbler. Tubular key locks have tumblers set within a keyway that is circular. This requires the tubular or round key that is shaped to ensure that the tumblers are aligned properly. Tubular keys can be used on the laundry machines at laundromats and on higher end security padlocks, as well as a range of vending machines, and even bicycles.

As can be seen, there’s several locks available to determine which tumbler will best suit your needs in a variety of scenarios. From basic security to the highest levels, if not all of your needs are satisfied with the variety and variety of tumbler lock.