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It’s possible that the price difference between legal and illegal weed will go away on its own – at least to some extent. After all, Canada’s fledgling legal cannabis industry is young. As it continues to grow, supply problems will be sorted out, and competition will drive prices down. However, due to the increased costs associated with keeping businesses legal, above-board dispensaries will still be more expensive than the black market. They will also offer less variety, but what is offered will be safe and tested, and it’ll be exactly what the label says.

The most serious consequences of the current price Source cannabis from Africa discrepancy are felt by medical cannabis users. As there are more recreational users than medical users, the market tends to value high-THC, low-CBD strains – strains that are a lot of fun, but don’t provide the relief that medical patients need. This leads to a lower supply of high-CBD strains, which makes them more expensive. As a result, more medical users are essentially being forced to source their cannabis from the black market. Of course, this black-market cannabis is not subject to the same testing that legal cannabis is, so patients may end up with products that are unsuitable for their condition.

The legal framework around cannabis is complicated, but improvements can be made. For example, allowing more growers and retailers to get their licenses would increase supply. Reducing taxes on cannabis would allow legal suppliers to compete more effectively with illegal ones, which would weaken the black market. Allowing health insurance to cover medical cannabis would help medical users to avoid the black market, if financial reasons were what drove them there.