What is Orant Neon? How to make a Custom Neon Sign

Orant Neon is a company that provides custom neon signs for any occasion, including weddings, parties, birthdays, home decoration, offices, bars, living rooms, restaurants, stores, gyms, room dance practice, and more​​. The company believes that neon lights are perfect for adding color and creativity to your space, whether that be your home, business, or an outdoor party or event​1.

Custom LED signs from Orant Neon are distinctively designed and cost-effective, using relatively little power. They are long-lasting, thanks to the use of high-end technology and premium materials. Installation is simple, and the company offers free standard shipping worldwide. The highest quality product comes with a 12-month warranty, and the company has a suitable return policy to ensure customers’ interests​​.

Orant Neon’s custom neon signs have gained popularity in the business sector, particularly in the service industry. Restaurants, bars, and hotels use these signs to create a dramatic atmosphere for their customers. Businesses are getting more creative when designing logos or store names with neon to attract customers’ attention​​. The company offers custom logo LED signs for various business models such as bars, restaurants, beauty & cosmetic studios, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, gyms, fitness studios, hair salons, and barbershops​​.

For personal events, creating a customized neon sign is an inexpensive and stylish way to add a unique touch to your special day. Neon signs are eye-catching and can help set the mood while leaving a lasting impression. They are available in all sizes, colors, and styles to create one that fits your needs​​. For weddings, Orant Neon offers customizable LED signs that can be the perfect background with flowers and bright lights​​.

Orant Neon also offers custom neon signs for parties and special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, adding a unique atmosphere to your event and making it memorable​​. You can light up your room with their colorful and unique neon sign ideas, with options for living rooms, bedrooms, wall lights, and dorm rooms​.

Ordering a custom neon sign is straightforward. Customers can design their signs using a simple five-step process on the Orant Neon website, selecting their design, size, color, and font. The company also provides two delivery methods, standard and express, with free standard shipping​. Each LED custom sign includes the LED neon, power supply, mounting kit, remote & dimmer, free standard shipping, and a 24-month warranty​.

The cost of creating a custom neon sign with Orant Neon is highly reasonable, with the average price being around $100, depending on the color, size, and material chosen for the lamp​​. Orant Neon focuses on providing products for the United States market and developing more services in various cities across the country​.

Orant Neon ensures the highest quality by hand-making each neon sign with skilled artisans. Customers can choose between neon in LED or handblown glass neon. Most neon signs require an electrical outlet, but if battery-powered signs are needed, Orant Neon can accommodate such requests​1​. The lifespan of their LED sign boards is around 50,000 hours of continuous use​​.